1. Popularization of physical activity and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Finding the world's best athletes in the discipline of Nordic Walking.
  3. Promoting the idea of physical activity.


  • September 1-3, 2023 - Jedlińsk, POL


Friday - September 1, 2023

  • 16:00 - 20:00 - Opening competitors accreditation office – TIC (Technical Information Center)
    19:00 - Opening ceremony of the INWA Nordic Walking European Championship - Jedlińsk 2023 - Parade of national teams.

Saturday - September 2, 2023

  • 8:00 - 16:00 - Opening competitors accreditation office – TIC
  • 10.00 - Start on the distance - 21.1 km
  • 11:00 - Start on the distance - 10 km
  • 14:00 - Start on the distance - 5 km
  • 15:30 – Medals Award Ceremony - distance 10 km
  • 16:00 - Medals Award Ceremony - distance 21,1 km
  • 16:30 - Medals Award Ceremony - distance 5 km

Sunday - September 3, 2023

  • 8:00 - 9:30 - Opening competitors accreditation office – TIC
  • 10.00 - Relays start - 4 x 5 km (national teams)
  • 13:30 - Medals Award Ceremony – relays distance 4x5 km
  • 14:00 - Closing ceremony of the INWA Nordic Walking European Championship - Jedlińsk 2023

Competitors are asked to line up at the starting line 5 minutes before the start to competition.


  • Polish Nordic Walking Association (PZNW)
  • International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA)


Participants compete individually over a distance:

  • 21.1km
  • 10km
  • 5km

Relays: 4 x 5km


  • Applications will be accepted electronically, through the application available form website. Electronic registration will be close 4 days before the championships.
  • By registering and taking part in the competition, the competitors declare that they participate at their own risk.
  • Registration is treated as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions Rules.

Participation fee in the event will depending of the distance and registration deadline as follow:


Individual  starts:

  • 20 EUR / 100 PLN  - until      30.04.2023.
  • 25 EUR / 125 PLN  - until      31.07.2023.
  • 30 EUR / 150 PLN  - until      24.08.2023.
  • 40 EUR / 200 PLN  - at the Competition Office

In the package each competitor receives a gift, a technical T-shirt (for those who registered before August 10, 2023), a cast medal and a regeneration meal.

Relay  starts:

  • 40 EUR / 200 PLN  - until      30.04.2023.
  • 50 EUR / 250 PLN  - until      31.07.2023.
  • 60 EUR / 300 PLN  - until      20.08.2023.
  • 80 EUR / 400 PLN  - at the Competition Office

Starter pack:

In the starter package each competitor receive: gift , finisher medal and regeneration meal (lunch).

4. The final and complete electronic entry is considered to be the correct completion and sending by the participant of the application form and paid entry fee to the organizer's bank account at least 14 days before the date of the competition, according to the rates and rules mentioned in the point V - VI.

5. Once paid, the fee is not refundable. It is possible to transfer the fee to another competitor until 30.06.2023.

6. The fee shall be paid to the following bank account:

Fundacja Herkules All Sports, Bonin 11E, 76-009 Bonin

For competytors from Poland: Account number 55 1050 1559 1000 0090 3178 8087  including “registration number" first and last name of the

For foreign competytors: Account number end BIC/Swift INGBPLPW  PL 55 1050 1559 1000 0090 3178 8087  including “registration number" first and last name of the


Starter pack for individual starts includes:

  • 2 starting bib numbers
  • chip required for time measurement
  • technical T-shirt ( full graphic print) for those registered and paid until August 10, 2023, to 23:59 hours
  • gifts
  • commemorative medal in the finish line
  • lunch meal

Relay start package includes:

  • 2 starting bib numbers
  • chip required for time measurement
  • training - technical cap
  • gifts
  • commemorative medal at the finish line,
  • lunch meal

       Verification competitors, issuing starting bib numbers and starting packages will take place at the competitors accreditation office – TIC (Technical Information Center) on the day of the event as is detailed in point III.


  1. Time measurement and determination of the competitors on the finish line in all distances will be made electronically or by chip timing system. The official time is the net time.
  2. Disabled competitors will be classified with other categories.
  3. All competitors should be verified (with photo ID) in the Accreditation Office.
  4. Competitors taking part in the competition declare that they are fit to participate in the competition and have no health contraindications to take part in it. Therefore, in the Accreditation Office you must sign a statement of no health contraindications to physical exertion.
  5. Citizens of all world countries can participate in the competition.
  6. Each participant is obliged to wear sportswear appropriate to weather conditions. It is recommended to have own Nordic Walking poles. Having folding poles requires from the participant to pay attention to accurate tightening of pole components, as well as to take into account during training, warm-up and competition that folding poles are less durable than one-piece Nordic Walking poles.
  7. During the march, all competitors must have their starting bib numbers attached to the sports jersey on their chests. Covering starting bib number in part or in whole whether its modification is prohibited under penalty of disqualification. Own start bib numbers cannot be used.
  8. There is a possibility to rent NW poles in the Competition Office (limited number of poles, depend of the order of applications decides). Refundable deposit for rental NW poles is 100 PLN (20 euro) and upon presenting a document with a photo. Participants renting the NW poles should read the manufacturer's instructions and follow the renter instructions.
  9. Competitors are required to pay special attention to safety during the warm-up to avoid hitting or Stabbing NW pole a fellow practitioner.
  10. During the competitions the division into age categories will be done according to the following rules: the year of birth decides about belonging to a given age category.
  11. During the opening ceremony of the championship and during the competition, the participants wear national costumes.
  12. Disabled people starting individually are classified age categories:

13. Competitors will be classified in the following age categories:

Age categories:

Kategoria children (only 5km)

  • K/M 8 - 13

Kategoria junior (only 5km)

  • K/M 14 - 17

Senior category:

  • W/M 18-34

Masters categories:

  • W/M 35-39
  • W/M 40-44
  • W/M 45-49
  • W/M 50-54
  • W/M 55-59
  • W/M 60-64
  • W/M 65-69
  • W/M 70-74                               W/M 70+      (10km, 21,1km)
  • W/M 75-79      (only 5km)
  • W/M 80 +        (only 5km)

Relay categories:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed - 2 Women and 2 Men
  • Masters mixed W/M 60+ (2 women and 2 men, all persons must have age over 60+)

Time limit on distances:

  • 21.1 km- 3:30 min
  • 10 km - 1:45 min
  • 5 km - no time limit.


1. Announcement of results, awarding and collection of gifts will take place on the day of the competition.

2. All competitors who finish the competition within the statutory time shall receive commemorative medal.

Awards in general classification in all distances:

  • For the places 1-3 medals, cups and gifts (Women and Men categories).

Awards in age categories:

  • for the places 1-3 medals, gifts.

Awards for Relays:

  • The winners of places 1-3 in the relays will receive cups and medals on the podium in each category.

Awarding decorations will be carried out on the day of the competition, after this date the prizes will be not delivered.


  1. We provide on the road medical aid station. In the event in case of competitor injury, road staff will be notified and will forward the information to the medical aid station.
  2. There will be judges on the road who will evaluate NW marching technique and give penalties cards for violations technique relevant to the Judges' Rules.
  3. The road plan and start list will be in the Race Office.
  4. The road will be marked with special markers and warning tape and marked distances.
  5. Nutrition and refreshment points will be equipped with: water, isotonic, bananas.


  1. A depository for leaving belongings for the duration of the race will be located in a designated area.
  2. Only elements of clothing can be deposited. Leaving any documents, valuables or money in the deposit is not allowed. The deposit can be collected only on the basis of the starting number. In case of losing a starting number by a competitor, the organizer is released from responsibility for collecting the deposit by another person.
  3. The organizer is not responsible for any left items during the championships.


  1. The organizer has liability insurance.
  2. The organizer does not provide competitors personal accident insurance.


  1. Personal data of the Nordic Walking competitors will be processed for the purposes of conducting the events, selecting the winner and awarding, issuing, collecting and accounting for the prize.
  2. The participant agrees to the use and processing of personal data contained in the application form to the extent related to the organization of the event (in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC)
  3. Processing of the data referred to in paragraph 1 of this section in connection with participation in the INVA Championships, shall also include publication of the participant name and surname together with the year of birth and the name of the locality in which the participant live - in any way in which the project is published or disseminated.
  4. The participant has the right to inspect his personal data and correct it.
  5. Providing personal data and giving consent to its processing is voluntary, but not providing it or not

      giving consent to its processing makes it impossible to participate in the Nordic Walking competitions.

  1. Photographs, video recordings, and interviews with Participants, as well as results with personal data, may be used by the press, radio, television and other media in accordance with the Polish Act from February 4, 1994, concern the Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws 2016, item 666).


  1. The organizer provides medical care in the Organizer's Office as well as on the road and at the finish line.
  2. During the INWA Nordic Walking European Championships, all competitors must have starting bib numbers attached to their shirts on the chest. Covering the starting number (in part or in whole) is not allowed under penalty of disqualification.
  3. The INWA Championships will take place regardless of the weather.
  4. The organizer does not provide accommodation.
  5. Interpretation of the Rules of Competitions belongs to the Organizer.
  6. The Organizer shall not be liable for any accidents occurring on the race due to the fault of theparticipants.
  7. In matters not covered by the regulations the final decision is made by the Organizer.
  8. Organizers recommend competitor additional accident insurance.
  9. It is understood that registration for the competition (entry on the list of competitors) is equivalent toacceptance of these regulations.
  10. Each participant who resigns from continuation in the race during its duration, should immediately report this fact to the technical staff located on the race route or in the Competition Office.
  11. The organizer shall not be liable for items lost during the sporting event.
  12. The organizer and all persons cooperating with him, as well as persons related to the conduct and organization of the race shall not be liable towards participants for accidents, possible collisions, personal injury, material damage and property damage that occur before, during or after the competition caused by participants of the event. Participants shall bear civil and legal liability for damage caused.
  13. By accepting the Rules of Competitions, the participant agrees that the photos, film recordings and interviews with him or her and the results can be used by the press, radio and television as well as for marketing purposes of the Organiser and the sponsors of the race.
  14. Members of the Voluntary Fire Brigade, Police, representatives Municipal Police and volunteers will assist and securing the INWA Championships.
  15. Information about the INWA Championships can be obtained on email address:,
  16. The organizer reserves the right not to allow competitor to take part in the INWA Championships without giving any reason, refunding competitor full entry fee.

If you have any questions or problems, we encourage you to use the tickets form. It will allow quick contact with the organizer or system administrator.

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