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Ninja World Cup championship will take place on 19th-23rd of May 2023 in Swiec. An international federation WORLD OBSTACLE is responisble for World Cup organization, and OSPRO and are organizers in Poland. 

Ninja World Cup 2023 is the first edition which is held worldwide. The World Cup consists of 4 events, each on a separate continent; Europe, Asia and   South and North America. The European edition will take place on 19th-21st May in Swiec, Poland, which means that the best participants from Europe will visit Swiec. 

OSPRO and are experienced in Ninja organization and are well-known in Poland and worldwide alike.  


The organization is divided into 4 chapters in order to maintain order and cohesion;

  • OSPRO (Obstacle Sports Pro) - a company which deals with design, production and obstacles renting is building an obstacle course. OSPRO has also created the first and the biggest  Polish Training Centre Ninja & OCR.
  • Ninja Series team is responsible for technology, measurments and prints. The team will take care of every detail of the event e.g. prints above the obstacles, lights in course colour, sound effects and music.
  • an organization establishing sport development and a cooperation between sportsmen and nature will help in preparations to the event. Adults and children will take part in the Ninja championship; children and youth will compete in groups divided by sex and age:
  • 7-8 years
  • 9-10 years
  • 11-12 years
  • 13-14 years
  • 15-16 years
  • 17-18 years

Adults in categories by sex division: 

  • Adults OPEN
  • Adults 40+
  • Adults PRO


Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for the OPEN category. People over 40 can sign up for the MASTERS category. National teams designated by national associations have priority in the PRO category entries. The organizers recommend that the players who took places in TOP5 in any Ninja competition should also sign up for the PRO category.



  • 11:30 am start of the competition office
  • Eliminations 7-8 years 12:00-12:50
  • Eliminations 9-10 years 13:10-14:50
  • Eliminations 11-12 years 15:10-16:50
  • Eliminations 13-14 years 17:10-18:30
  • Eliminations 15-16 years 18:50-19:50
  • Eliminations 17-18 years 20:10-21:10


  • 8:30 start of the competition office
  • Final 7-8 years 9:00-9:30
  • Final 9-10 years 9:30-10:00
  • Final 11-12 years 10:15-10:45
  • Final 13-14 years 10:45-11:15
  • Final 15-16 years 11:30-12:00
  • Final 17-18 12:00-12:30
  • Eliminations 40+ 13:00-15:00
  • Final 40+ 3:20-3:50
  • Medal ceremony 16:20-16:50
  • Wave open start 17:00-22:00


  • 9:00 start of the competition office
  • PRO Eliminations 10:00-13:30
  • OPEN final 14:00-14:30
  • PRO final 14:30-15:00
  • Medal ceremony 15:30-16:00 and end of the event

The order of registration and payment will decide about registration for the competition.

Registration will start on February 20 at 6:00 p.m. Starter pack prices:

• 69 Euro - for the first 24 hours after starting the records

• 85 Euro - in the first week of enrollment

• 99 Euro - until May 1st

• 119 Euro - from May 1st


The course rules will be the same for all Ninja World Cups around the world - they are set by the World Obstacle.

• Each competitor will have 2 attempts to the track, and during each pass he can make only one mistake, which results in the repetition of the obstacle.

• The competition will consist of eliminations followed by finals

• 4 players from each category will advance to the finals

• The time limit for completing the elimination and final tracks will be 3 minutes.

• Competitors will start in pairs. However, the classification will be determined by the time of covering the track, not the place in the pair


In order to raise the event to a higher level, not only organizational, but also sports, anti-doping tests are planned during the competition.

Another novelty in the world of Ninja will be decoration in Olympic standards to distinguish the best players.


Brand new development worldwide is a LIVE STREAMING of the event. The cameras placed alongisde course will enable the viewers in front of the screens to feel as if they watched the event live. Viewers in front of the screens and those present during the event will watch the competition commented by event’s hosts, both in Polish and English


Organizares information:

World Obstacle - World Obstacle, Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) is a Swiss independent non -profit sports organization  consisting mainly of volunteers, who maintain obstacle sports and events worldwide. FISO manages systems and structures representing national federations and their members needs in 110 countries. FISO gained  GAISF (Globalnego Stowarzyszenia Międzynarodowych Federacji Sportowych -Global Society of International Sports Federations) status in 2021,  which was a milennial step into recognition sport in the Olimpic. - is a community built by athletes for athletes. It is an organization dealing with activities for the development of sport, integration of the environment and players. They unite people who willingly share their knowledge, experience and energy to act. This makes the initiative nationwide. They provide free sports facilities, conduct classes for youth and adults. They put emphasis on supporting groups at risk of social exclusion. They organize one of the most demanding Ninja competitions in Poland.

OSPRO – Obstacle Sports Pro is a sports training centre and multisport centre for running and OCR and Ninja. OSPRO deals with design and obstacles rent for OCR and Ninja events (the first obstacle course in Poland OCR100 on OCREC, Gdynia, Poland). Moreover, OSPRO created „Ninja Series” championship. Ninja Series is a multi-level Ninja league in Europe which organizes inter-schools championships for children, Ninja Series Regionals- competition on lower difficulty level with obstacles and Ninja Series League which is popular among competitors from all over Europe.




Distance: 100.00 m
Location: Świecie
Ninja Series   
Distance: 100.00 m
Location: Świecie
Ninja Series   
Distance: 100.00 m
Location: Świecie
Ninja Series   
Dzieci i młodzież / Children and Youth
Distance: 100.00 m
Location: Świecie
Ninja Series   

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