Should you wish to take part in the oldest long distance triathlon in Poland (over 20 years of tradition), with a very fast and picturesque course, and perfectional organization, do not hesitate! You've found THE RIGHT RACE! :-)

And, even though there are three distances to choose from (the Full, the Half and the Sprint), remember that #LongerIsBetter, so abandon your fears and let yourself compete longer ;-) 

Poland is an easy to reach destination. There are flights coming directly to Bydgoszcz, so you won't have any problems with coming here. However, should you have any questions or doubts (about travelling, logistics or the race itself), do not hesitate to contact us directly at

If you wish, you may consider purchasing a worry-free VIP Experience Package which includes hotel, support etc. so you don't have worry about anything else than just your race!

See you in Bydgoszcz!


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